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Birds Of A Feather

United Kingdom

Birds of a Feather International is a worldwide network of meetings based on the programme of Alcoholics Anonymous*. It was established for pilots and cockpit crewmembers, active or inactive, in private, commercial or military aviation. 


We provide AA meetings worldwide (including Zoom Meetings), a yearly convention and various communication tools for pilots, aircrew and other aviation professionals in recovery.


Birds of a Feather was formed in response to the need for meeting places for pilots and cockpit crewmembers where the subject of addiction to alcohol might be discussed with impunity and anonymity. The cultural bias concerning this subject has, in the past, prevented many from seeking advice.


Our concern is recovery from alcoholism. We have no loyalties to any company, government institution, medical facility, union, employee assistance programme, treatment centre or specific recovery programme.


BOAF has contributed immeasurably to our recovery and the spirit of passing this philosophy on to others, who also might benefit, is the reason for 

Birds of a Feather.


If you are a Pilot, Cabin Crew, ATC or other aviation professional in private, commercial, airline or military aviation (or know of someone who is) and need help with an alcohol or drug problem, we are here and ready to assist on any of the following Initial Contact Frequencies.

Via email:


Via voice:

Keith 07527 527109

Natalie 07580 216726 



To view the BOAF International website please visit: 


*Note:  Alcoholics Anonymous has no opinion on this flyer/website or any of the institutions, programmes, procedures or recommendations given herein.  This is in keeping with Tradition 10 which states : "Alcoholics Anonymous has no opinion on outside issues, hence the AA name ought never be drawn into public controversy" and Tradition 6 which states in part: 

"An AA group ought never endorse or lend the AA name lest we are diverted from our primary purpose."

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